Friday, 18 March 2011

Today's exciting achievement!

It may not look like much to you but this external letter box may help St Phil's to finally get a postcode. The Royal Mail have refused to give us a postcode because they don't consider us to have a "Point of delivery". Aha! Now we have! The problem with a lack of postcode is that so many people rely on postcodes for their sat-nav. We even had an ambulance get lost, trying to find us because of our lack of postcode. The final straw this week was when I was trying to buy broadband from Virginmedia and they refuse to give me a price or any info because we don't have a postcode. The church has only been there for 185 years but virginmedia didn't seem to believe me that it exists! 

At least today I was also able to meet with two lovely couples who are both planning marriage and a christening of a child. It's really nice to have so many people want to come to church for these special occasions.

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