Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Colorama, Walton Hesse and Rod Smith at Sacred Trinity

I've been slow at putting this on as it was a very busy weekend but we had a very good gig at Sacred Trinity last Friday. Main act were Colorama, who came to us from Wales, the support wsa local. First Rod Smith who was very good and then Walton Hesse who were playing Sacred Trinity for the 2nd time in just over a week. They still sounded fresh though. It was a really nice atmosphere. I've noticed one review of the gig here. Two comments to make - we always try to persuade the artists to have a bit more light on them but it was quite dark and maybe we need to sort the lighting out a bit better. 2nd comment is that the Archivist describes Sared Trinity and says "It feels welcoming to me not in a spiritual way (sorry Reverend) but in its friendly cosiness and beautifully-lit intimacy". Well I'm happy to take that compliment but I do feel that "freindly cosiness and beautifully-lit intimacy" could be a description of a spiritual experience. Spiritual is definitely a lot more than "Religious" or "Churchy".  Anyway for more photos of the gig, look here.

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