Friday, 11 March 2011

This morning: A run in Peel Park

As part of my Lent discipline I've decided to get more exercise. So this morning I went for a short run around Peel Park. The park looks gorgeous in this mornings sunshine. It is a really lovely park and it's such a shame that it's so underused. 

Instead of having my ipod on shuffle I was listening to the PJ Harvey album - Let England Shake. What a superb album it is. Not exactly cheerful listening but poignant, moving and rather wonderful. Last night I was listening to the new Elbow album which is also very good. It's a shame that they've got so big that they're a stadium band now as their gigs have been some of the best I've been to. I can't face seeing them at the MEN arena though... it just wouldn't seem right.

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