Thursday, 27 June 2013

Chapel St views

St Philip's Church, as seen from the other side of Vimto Gardens. Soon the scaffolding on St Philip's will reach up to the top of the tower. They seem to be making good progress on Vimto Gardens. below is a picture of Canon Hussey Court getting it's cladding and upgrade. Our area will look great when it's all finished.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Latest addition to the large building site that is Chapel St

 This large piece of equipment has arrived on the Vimto Gardens site now. In the background Arthur Millwood Court is still being clad and various improvements are happening. Improvements to the houses will start when the finish on the tower blocks. Behind me is the scaffolding on St Philip's. The scaffolders have had a pause for the last week whilst they wait for some special clips but it should carry rising up this week. A little further down on Trinity Way the hotel that is being created from the old Brown Brothers building is taking shape and will apparently open in the autumn.