Saturday, 16 January 2016

I'm standing for election to Archbishops' Council.

You can only vote if you're one of the clergy on General Synod.

This is what I've said in my 100 words that we're allowed:

I’m currently Priest in charge of two parishes next to Manchester City Centre. Ordained 27 years, I’ve served in Manchester and Salford in areas of change and regeneration; I spent 10 years as an elected councilor whilst Team Rector. My current churches are in an area where young adults are in the majority. I’m passionate about the church creatively and inclusively engaging with our communities so all can know the transforming love of God. I’ve served on Archbishops' Council Finance Committee, been chair of our Diocesan House of Clergy and understand the fears, joys, struggles and passion of ordinary parish clergy. 

Here is a little more information about me...

Current Post: Priest in charge of two parishes next to Manchester City Centre.

Experience: Ordained 27 years, Urban, Inner City & City Centre, elected politician for 10 years, team leader, community activist, chair of house of clergy, lots of regeneration and change, AC Finance Committee, ecumenical in thought and deed.

Interests: Liturgy, Music, Cycling, Urban Planning.

Church Tradition: Mixed. Grew up evangelical learnt to appreciate other traditions, especially Liberal Catholic: Inclusive, Creative, Anglican.

Passion: about the church engaging with our communities so all can know the transforming love of God.

Archbishops’ Council Priorities: To support parish ministry, to build effective healthy churches serving communities in a variety of ways. The current Renewal and Reform agenda musn't try to come up with "one size fits all" solutions but at the same time all of us must recognise the need for change. We need to be listening; to our people; our communities; to scripture & tradition and to the Holy Spirit. 

On Sexuality (the current difficult issue!): I believe it is possible for us to have a generous, creative church that genuinely includes all people, where same-sex marriage can be celebrated but there is also space for conservatives. If in the current Anglican climate this puts us into difficulties with some more conservative parts of the world church then we will have to make difficult choices. We may have to choose between being faithful to the Gospel in our context and upsetting some of our Christian brothers and sisters. This country needs a confident, loving, inclusive Anglican church making the love of God real in our communities. We need to really listen to each other but we also need to start healing the hurts of our gay sisters and brothers and find a way to move forward.

So, if you are on General Synod and are clergy, then you can give me a vote. Please consider giving me your first preference vote, as who you put at number 1 has the most impact.

with love and prayers


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