Monday, 25 October 2010

Today's travel option in London

As I had to get from Euston to Westminster I thought I'd try out the new cycle scheme. It's similar to the ones in Lyon and Paris, and is certainly very convenient. I registered online and my key came very quickly. There is a bit of a trick to getting the bikes out - put the key in and once the green light comes on lift the back of the bike up and then slam it down releasing the front wheel (or just pull very hard). There are bikes available in a lot of places but it helps to know where and I downloaded an iphone app to help with this. The bikes are heavy and clunky but are fine for short journeys. It helps if you have an idea where you're going. The bike's are free, apart from the £1 per day access fee, for up to half an hour at a time, so it wouldn't be good to get too lost or you might start paying. It's a shame about the advertising but I suppose that helps pay for the scheme. For visits to London I'd recommend using the cycle scheme and I'm looking forward to getting something similar in Manchester & Salford. There's been talk about it for quite a long time and it would be good if it could happen. Having said all that it was lovely to get back to Piccadilly, climb on my own bike and cycle home fast!

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