Monday, 26 August 2013

I wish it could be Greenbelt every day...

Here I am at Greenbelt and it's drawing towards a close. I've had a good time. I've heard some good music, been inspired by some good speakers, failed to get into a few venues, drunk to much (very lovely) beer in the Jesus Arms, caught up with some good friends, chatted to a few strangers and generally got a lot from being here, part of this temporary community that for me is such a good model for church. It is fantastic that 20,000 people can come together, young & old, straight & gay, families & single, from all over, with all sorts of different interests and passions and we become a fantastic inclusive community. This is how church should be. Here are some photos. Our Zoƫ has loved being here. When I get home I'll upload quite a few more (as well as putting some washing on and having a shower or bath!)

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