Tuesday, 1 January 2013

End of year/beginning of year - trying to get organised

I've had a whole week off work, which has been lovely. I've mainly been pottering about the house doing bits and pieces and relaxing. One of the jobs I've been doing is sorting out the CDs. Alphabetical by artist and chronological by album. Took a bit of doing but I've got there. They had got in a right mess. I've also been ripping the ones I don't have in iTunes and tidying up iTunes. Feels quite good to be more organised but I have learnt over the years that my attempts at organisation rarely last!

I Couldn't fit all the CDs in so I've sepertated off the classical stuff and the compilations and put them on some new shelves with the DVDs. Eloise & Abby sorted out the compilations and DVDs and organised them by colour of spine... Not my way of doing things but will work really well when I want to a watch a film and can't remember what it was called but think it had a green cover...

Many of my albums in iTunes had no album art with them but thanks to a little team work from Eloise and I they all have artwork with them now. Here comes the illustrative screenshot...

Neat eh?

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