Friday, 21 September 2012

Maps on iOS6 is shockingly, shockingly bad

I've just updated to iOS6 and whilst much of it is very good improvements I'd caution anyone about upgrading unless you've got a good alternative Sat Nav on your iPhone (I have CoPilot GPS). The maps are appalling. They have ditched google maps and although I often moaned about google maps, what they've replaced it with is even worse. This screenshot shows my local area where the local landmarks appear to be the Dock & Pulpit Pub which has lain empty for at least 10 years and Salimar Tandoori Takeaway that was only open for a couple of years and was in a building that was demolished about 5 years ago! This map doesn't have St Philip's Church on, St Philip's School or Islington Mill in fact it has very little on except the street names. The Satellite view is very good and does seem to have the new pavements on, but with such out of date information it's pretty redundant. I just tried looking up some addresses and when I found one that it recognised (There was no Sacred Trinity Church and even no Trinity High School!) it gave ok instructions except the pin was on the wrong road. There doesn't seem to be a cycling option and the public transport option relies on other apps so you might as well just use the app direct. Apple need to do something about this quickly, either withdraw it or do some serious improvements quickly.

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