Tuesday, 26 June 2012

How do you get to be officially Manchester's no. 1 carpet superstore?

This was the question I was asking myself as we followed this van along Eccles Old Rd. Strangely it doesn't have much about it that reveals it's obvious number 1ness. I'm tempted to think that "officially Manchester's no. 1 carpet superstore' may be a trade name for a third rate carpet operation. Or am I just very cynical? It could be that they are so good at their job that they don't feel the need for fancy livery or a proper name, it may be that they really know about carpets and genuinely are the best in their business.
It's funny how people like to make bold claims we live in a world that is full of bold, and usually false, claims. Even churches like to make big claims and fall into the "worldly ways" of advertising. I was told off by someone recently for using phrases in my publicity like "We try to include everyone..." or "we like to think we're quite friendly...". I was told I ought to state things more boldly but I think it's better to try to do well and to let others judge how good you are.

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