Saturday, 24 January 2009

Walk to the Lowry

This afternoon, after watching West Ham get through to the next round of the FA cup we went for a walk over to the Lowry. We got there just 10 minutes before they closed the exhibitions! I took some photos on the way. I've posted them in a Picasa album here: It was a lovely afternoon with fantastic light, so I got some lovely photos.


Holmesinho said...

A lovely set of photos, there is such a range of different sights, and so much changing too. You missed my favourites though: The Rise installation to commemorate the Peterloo Massacre, Salford Lads Club and Ordsall Hall oh and the giant sycamore seed too!

Andy Salmon said...

So much to see... but only so much time. Next time I may go a different route and include some of your highlights!